Here you will find an overview of all our projects, which YouthWatch has coordinated or collaborated on.

Current projects

Expansion of the Trendspotters network

We see a huge benefit in supporting Trendspotters. Thanks to the network we currently manage, we can effectively support the various competencies of young people. At the same time, contribute to the creation of an information base for various sectors by capturing youth trends.

Future is now

“The future is now” project responds to the current needs of youth, through relevant and attractive youth work. Based on capturing the trends of young people, the project with its activities prepares the youth themselves and youth workers for the changes that await them in the future. The project uses concept of “Future literacy” and through various activities increasing competences within this topic. The aim of the project is to streamline, enrich and link research of new trends with future prediction and how the current state of youth can affect the future. At the same time to identify what needs to be changed in the present so that young people can be better prepared for the future. Future Literacy is a topic identified by UNESCO as a key competence of the 21st century.

Marker for


Long-term Czechoslovak training, focused on the implementation of elements of nonformal education in formal education. In an interactive form, we bring proven principles and the most current youth topics and trends to teachers and thus improve their competences for youth education.

Marker vol. 6


Long-term Czechoslovak training, aimed at increasing the quality of informal education in youth work, bringing proven principles and the most current topics and trends in an interactive form, with a proven long-term impact on participants and their organizations.

Message for the region

The project “Message for the region” is about piloting the use of futures literacy as an innovative tool to support the participation of young people in the city of Nitra and the Nitra Region.

New tools for
future youth work


The main idea of EduLabs project is to bring useful innovative tools literally to the youth workers’ doorstep and to make it easier for them to adapt these tools to their reality.

Finished projects


A project aimed at supporting the involvement of young people and helping local governments to set up a system for development of youth work.


ALBIE (Adult Literacies as Benefit for Inclusion and Equity) is a project of strategic partnership between three universities and two non-governmental organizations from 4 countries (SK, PL, EE, IS), focused on research and work with the target group of young people, the so-called NEETS – Not in Education, Employment, or Training.

Coach the Change

Two-phase international training for youth workers and non-profit organizations, focused on effective work with change and new trends in youth. The training  focused on the development of coaching skills and the acquisition of a non-violent communication approach.


This project is implemented on the initiative of the network of trendspotters – an online community of young people who cooperate with YouthWatch to identify trends in the lifestyle of young people. The initiative arose mainly from the need to know how other young people live abroad, what their interests are, what differentiates young people and, conversely, what unites them.


We are implementing the Czech-Slovak project DemoHRÁČ in partnership with five organisations from these countries in the years 2020-2023. We will create a methodology for education for citizenship and democracy for young people using the method of non-formal education, experiential pedagogy and larp (live-action role playing), as a part of the project will be trained teachers and youth workers. The program will be tested several times at schools in Nitra and Kroměříž and will verify its functionality by impact analysis. We will close everything with a conference.

Development of Trendspotters

The project aims to develop specific skills of Trendspotters needed for effective mapping of youth trends.

Evidence of youth

During the project, an expert document was created for the Quality Working Group on Youth.

Expansion and development of the Trendspotters network

A national project focused on the expansion and development of the Trendspotters network. The key task of the project is the development of specific skills of Trendspotters in the areas of “Content work focused on Trendspotting”, “Communication”, “Work in a group”, “Media literacy” and “Futures Literacy”.

Future fertilisers

Thanks to the project, young people will strengthen their competencies in future literacy, which are considered to be one of the most key competencies of the 21st century, and at the same time they will participate in creating the basis for the creation of Economic and social development plan 2030 in Bratislava.

Future Labs

Future Labs is a long-term international strategic partnership project that aims to increase the quality of work in international youth work and contribute to the modernization of youth organizations through innovative approaches and new methods that are online as well as offline. The target group of the project are youth workers.


The training, which  is aimed at improving the quality of youth work,is interactive, bringing the most current topics and trends, with a proven long-term impact on participants and their organizations.

Marker next level

The intention  is to make the proven Marker CS education sustainable and accessible education, independent of the grant support from the Erasmus+ programme, so that the quality of non-formal education in youth work in Slovakia and the Czech Republic  can continue to increase. In addition, we want to link know-how  and transfer what works for us in non-formal education into teaching.

MarkerCS vol. 2

The training which is aimed at improving the quality of youth work, is interactive, bringing the most current topics and trends, with a proven long-term impact on participants and their organizations.

MarkerCS vol. 3

The training which is aimed at improving the quality of youth work, isinteractive, bringing the most current topics and trends, with a proven long-term impact on participants and their organizations.

Non-formal education syllabus

In the project, we have created a methodological manual “Non-formal education syllabary”, in which we share our many years of experience on how to exhibit  non-formal education activities. And in support of the handbook, in cooperation  with Luducrafts, we have prepared a playful e-learning with the topic of educational goals.

Rights at work, Work on rights

“Rights at work – work on rights” was a project we planned to  improve young workers’ knowledge and information about their employment rights.


Expertise of NGO Youth Watch in the project of the  Office of the Plenipotentiary of the  Government of the slovak republic SR for the Roma Community


We map youth trends thanks to a network of young people – Tremdpotters.

TrendWatch Youth

We learn how to capture trends in young people’s lives so that we can regularly share this information with the community of people who work with young people or have an  impact on working with young people.


Conference on new approaches  to the young generation – YoDel – where the  focus is on young people and challenges that working with young people brings.

Youth Work Quality Focus

We help organisations to implement and measure the quality of their youth work activities with the international tool for quality measurement created by KEKS.

Youth Futures 2035

Project Youth futures 2035 in about creating shared futures with and for young people. The project is  supporting and strengthening the position of young people in the society especially in Brussel and Bratislava. 
During the project young people will co-create new narratives for the cities. The stories about desired futures will be result of several future participatory workshops, expert inteviews and collective imaginning of Bratislava in the year 2035 around one specific research question with the topic of youth.  Through the processes of co-creatvie discussion ad interactvie workshops, young people, other citizens and decision makers will be gathered to envisage potential scenarios of the future based on current trends, historical influences and future ambitions.